Buy & Book fitness on Google map simply

It’s free & simple to access & manage local fitness services. No account needed.


It takes one tap to see fitness services around. One tap to book your class. Tap, tap, done. Say goodbye to back & forth, scheduling, shady contract… and enjoy the actual fitness experience.


Finding a Jiu-jitsu class near the office. Browsing around to find fitness during a travel. Discovering the neigborhood to live new healthy experience. Find fitness anywhere.


Morning warrior bootcamp. Stress free afterwork yoga. Weekend Salsa experience. Fitness now adapts to your shcedule. Not the other way around.

Made for those who do not have time to waste

Discover fitness services nearby

Browse fitness services around without limit. Feel free to ask questions directly to the fitness professionals before buying. See exactly what you are buying upfront.

Book a session in a tap

Say hi to your personal booking schedule. You see only training sessions relevant to you. It takes one tap to book the time you want. If you change your mind later you can just tap it again to remove it from your loader.

Reserve your spot in seconds

You spot will be automatically reserved when the cancelation period ends. If you are 100% sure you will attend you can just tap the “raising hand” emoji to get your spot confirmed. You can cancel the reservation during the minute it takes to reserve your spot.

JIMI team is available to assist you in the 24/7 chat. Ask us anything.

All the info you need in one place

See your tickets, subscriptions, trainers, gyms, and the up-to-date contact info you could ever need to have an amazing fitness experience. If you need anything else you can use the live chat in the app 24/7.

ON/OFF your fitness services

Let’s be honest, before JIMI the biggest challenge was never to buy fitness but ending or freezing contracts. Now you can pause, resume, and cancel your subscription in a tap directly in the app. No shady contract. No pushy sales.

The most flexible and simple fitness experience ever

JIMI is available in Hong Kong and soon in 3 more cities

Hong Kong

Geneva (soon)

London (soon)

Paris (soon)

Want JIMI to come to you city faster? Click the chat button and tell us!

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